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Reseña: A intrepid trip to Love

An Intrepid Trip to Love (A Little Bite of Love #1)An Intrepid Trip to Love
Charlie Cochet

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Blurb: Tristan ‘Trip’ Hagan is a Husky shifter who was born to be the Hagan Clan’s next Alpha, a position of honor and nobility, a position he never wanted and was all too happy to pass onto his younger brother. But when they discovered his brother couldn’t have pups, the responsibility of continuing the Hagan Alpha line fell back to Trip. Under the weight of the Hagan Council’s demand to fulfill his duty, Trip settled down and produced an heir, but after years of struggling to uphold his family’s traditions, Trip found the courage to do what no other Hagan Alpha had done in the history of the clan: he came out.
 Five years later...

3.5 canine stars.

Huskies shapeshifters? oookay.
Cute and funny.
Lost me at the end.

Btw ... spiders are the doom of alphas XD

why there are no spiders in httptanidareal dev

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