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Rseña: A case of Spirits (Charm of Magpies #2,5)

A Case of Spirits (A Charm of Magpies, #2.5)A Case of Spirits 


K.J. Charles

date published: 2015
28 pgs.

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Blurb; Stephen and Crane have finally got away on their long-awaited Christmas break, along with Crane’s henchman Merrick and Jenny Saint. A promised gift is made, and a request unexpectedly and magically fulfilled… This free story comes after Flight of Magpies and is not a standalone read

Un nuevo problema perturbador y sobrenatural en este Londres de prostitutas, piratas, ladrones, contrabandistas, damas y aristocratas transplantados añorando sitios más exóticos, y de practicantes de lo oculto. Y donde amar a alguien todavia se considera indecible.

“I’m glad I didn’t walk away from you, back in spring. I’m glad we had our chance. I love you, Lucien.” It was quiet, but it was spoken, aloud. Stephen’s invisible fingers stroked over his. “And I’m glad I’m with you now. Especially since I’m quite sure you’d haunt me horribly if I weren’t.”
“To the grave.” Crane said

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