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Reseña: Monstress #4 (Novela Gráfica)

Monstress #4Monstress #4 


Marjorie M. Liu



Published March 16th 2016 by Image Comics

Edition Language English

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My bookshelves: dark-fantasy, graphic-novel,  here-be-monsters, horror

Given the brevity of this installment, I'm beginning to think I should wait for the compilation volume. . .


There used to be an intriguing phrase (to us) in the old maps that says: 'Here be monsters'. Well, in this fantasy world, we came again in front of those horrifying, ambitious and greedy aspects of war and conquest for power that not know about compassion nor moral.

The edges are blurred.

Spoiler----------------------> By now, we are certain of the connection between the mask and the ancient creature/god. And that maiko's mom search for that secret knowlege. The sacrifices involved are hinted and are awful <----------------------------------) Litle children are no more than tools and fooder in this war.

Maybe Kippa could be something more , or maybe her destiny is doomed as many others.

-Another thing that got my attention: the armor? got 3 tails, as the cats. They are connected?

-As always , great art.

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