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Reseña: Stand Still, Stay Silent: Book 1 (Novela Gráfica)


Stand Still, Stay Silent: Book 1 


Minna Sundberg

First Edition, 329 pages
Published 2015 by Hiveworks (first published November 1st 2013)

Edition Language:English
Literary Awards
Reuben Award 2015 - Online Comics – Long Form (2015)
90 Years Has Passed since the great illness, and most of the old world has been forgotten and left to the mercy of trolls, beasts and giants. A small Nordic team of explorers heads out on the first official research mission.

A light-hearted journey of friendship and camaraderie, with elements of Nordic mythology and some horror.
My rating: 3.7 nordic felines stars

"The First Rule for survival outside of the safe areas: If you come across a Beast, a Troll or a Giant, do not run or call for help but stand still and stay silent. It might go away."
—Stand Still, Stay Silent

Where the Nordic Countries will be probably contain the last of human population after the apocalypse or After the Rash plague.


This webcomic works the plot in a very, very, slow pace since 2013, but the drawings frequently are in meticulous detail, and really beautiful. Specially the landscape, and the dream world.

I have still many questions because we jump from the rash illness to 90 years later, when after the isolation politics learn that the population is about 249,500. The rest is the Silent World.

Then, some mmm entrepreneurs cough academics plan to send some cough researchers to the Silent World to explore and take notes (aka to find treasures: BOOKS -for profit, of course). With a low budget and poor planning , a group of rag-tag adventurers from different natinalities is assembled and send to the unknow. There are action, bad things, and silly humor.

About the so called trolls et al, are more a sort of mutants/zombies something of the infected mammals ,

If magic is involved in that still don't know, because the group or survivers use very little technology (except for the army), and education is almost non existent but for the mention of some pre-natal immunization program.

Well, no supernatural except for the Mages, more kind of shamanic, sensitives to monsters and do invocations. Lalli, the cat-like character, is a favorite.

The Good: Excelent Art. Really entertaining serie. No issues with a woman leading the expedition (though she is very gryffindor-ish not vey wise).

The not-so-good: I got some problems to discern male and female characters, androginous are us maybe.

 Denle una oportunidad, los personajes tienen todos su propia personalidad bastante humana .... bueno excepto por Lally.

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