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Reseña: Undertow (SoulShares #7)

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Undertow (SoulShares #7)


Rory Ni Coileain

 285 pages
Published July 19th 2016 by Riverdale Avenue Books
Edition Language English
Rhoann Callte, Rhoann Half-Royal, is an impossible Fae. As a shape-shifter, he carries the blood of Fae water elementals and has a once-in-a-generation healing gift. Which is his blessing, or his curse, depending on how you look at it – his gift is needed among the exiled Fae of the Demesne of Purgatory, and he’s coerced from his beloved solitude and sent on a one-way trip to the human world.
Vietnam veteran Mac McAllan has been through hell in the last few months, and not just because his new C-leg isn’t performing up to spec. He and his partner of 34 years, stocky bald muscle bear Lucien de Winter, were working at Purgatory when what the owner said was a gas explosion collapsed the building – and put Lucien into a coma back in August. Now it’s October, and an impossibly handsome stranger says he
can heal Lucien. But there’s always a price…

2.5 aquatic stars

I chose this book at random, because reminded me nostalgically of other collections.

Not a bad story, but fail to get me emotionally involved.

Mac and Lucien have been through a lot in their years together; and when Lucien is injured after an explosion that left him comatose, Mac feel afraid and lost. He didn't know that they get entangled in an ancient war between fae and their enemies. But help is in the way.

Rhoann is solitary and is pushed in a strange world with other rules.

The good: A mature couple over their 50s; living together for more of 35 years.

But to get a 'plus' after all that years is kind of awkward.

I don't feel very pleased with the self-sacrificing type. Despite the resolve, as I say, is very rushed, but maybe that's a PNR thing.

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