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Reseña: Battlestar Galactica: Folly of the Gods (Novela Grafica)

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Battlestar Galactica: Folly of the Gods 


Cullen Bunn

Expected publication: May 23rd 2017 by Dynamite Entertainment
ISBN: 1524103144 (ISBN13: 9781524103149)
Edition Language: English

My rating: 2,5 deep space stars.

Shelves ciencia-ficcion, comics, graphic-novel, media-tie-in, netgalley, space-opera, tv-serie-based
This is a 'Classical Battlestar Galactica' adventure (1978), where the Galactica is thrown into a spatial divergence -and can we say spatial cliche here- a black hole. The bumpy travel of the starship have cost some problems, and Adama is unsconcious.
Apollo, Starbuck and Sheba goes to explore some planet with a ring of debris were found a few surprises. Not the pleasant kind.

And the Cylons are not so far behind.

The art is not to my liking.

The resolution of the adventure is consistent with what would be expected of this series, plus some mystic stuff. Bad v/s evil like some 80's series were well known.

(This is tie with "War of the Gods" arc)

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