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Reseña: Flame in the Dark (Soulwood 3)

Flame in the Dark 


Faith Hunter

 342 pages
Published December 5th 2017 by Ace Books
ISBN: 0451473337 (ISBN13: 9780451473332)
Edition Language English
BLURB:Nell Ingram has always known she was different. Since she was a child, she’s been able to feel and channel ancient powers from deep within the earth. When she met Jane Yellowrock, her entire life changed, and she was recruited into PsyLED—the Homeland Security division that polices paranormals. But now her newly formed unit is about to take on its toughest case yet.

A powerful senator barely survives an assassination attempt that leaves many others dead—and the house he was visiting burns to the ground. Invisible to security cameras, the assassin literally disappears, and Nell’s team is called in. As they track a killer they know is more—or less—than human, they unravel a web of dark intrigue and malevolent motives that tests them to their limits and beyond.

bookshelves: fantasia-urbana, not-sure-but-not-human, shapeshifters, shifters_leopard, witches-wizards, psychic-empath, 

My rating: 4.5 love is deeper than roots stars

first thought: Yo quiero un Occam

btw, short-short story before this book could be read here: Black Friday shopping with Nell and Occam

Nell Ingram has powers upon the land that she doesn't know very well, and now is the probie agent in PsyLED aka the 'witch-squad' who police paranormals (vampires, witches, shapeshifters and who knows what). Her unit are called because a Senator and other VIPs , like Ming of Glass , suffered an attack; other Agencies are involved too, uncertain of the target. With the precedence in doubt, the agents are pressured for answers and results , meanwhile Nell is struggling to work with the team , with family issues and maybe men-issues. But above all trying to knowing better herself.

This is one of my favorites Urban Fantasy series. well interelated with Jane Yellowrock's worldbuilding.

I'm afraid to start parroting Choko's review, because I agree with her about the kind of heroine that Nell is.

But maybe not for to start gushing about Occam, and how I so love to see him kick Rick ass. (and took photos and send them to Jane and George XD)

-->The plot keep you trying to guess what the h* is happening , and who are the bad guy. Yep another horryfing moment at the end btw. The way Soul acts and Nell comment about /SPOILER--->genocide of the salamanders is
pretty disturbing. Ancients feuds are nasty things are more often than not nobody is right about it
Also is weird that the light dragons don't use the time buble or better said ppl don't notice?

-->Interesting is discover the bits of information, like 'Yummy' [SPOILER--->being a scion of Gregoire with all the vampires resulting some kind of 'agents dormants' of the europeans one keep wondering. <----SPOILER] The info of the blood suckers is top notch, so Nell special power will be reported to Leo Pellisier.


Una de las cosas que màs gustan de Nell Ingram es que es una mujer luchadora , con una fuerza interna que la ha sostenido desde una edad temprana. La idea de la iglesia poligamica y como la familia a su modo trata de proteger las mujeres y las fallas es muy interesante. Me hace hervir la sangre junto con Nell cuando lo de Mindy. Y ciertamente ya era hora que se hiciera cargo de ese asunto. Ademàs, como ella, creo que los poderes {SPOILER---->de ninfa de bosque o de driade viene de ambas partes de la familia, y esto viene a dar un grado interesante de como tal vez esa gente buscò en principio esconderse deliberadamente dentro de la iglesia (tal como en su momento lo hicieron los cambiaforma-perro, los Welsh gwyllgi) y las viejas historias y el secreto se fueron olvidando mientras la sangre se diluia<----SPOILER}. Por otra parte, me dan ganas de hacer chistes acerca de mujeres-ents y su escape de su masculina contraparte, aunque en ese caso èstas eran màs adeptas a huertas que a bosques.


the Cherokee words for what I am or might be. She called me a yinehi. Or yvwi tsvdi. Or amayinehi. I’m not pronouncing them right, but that’s close. They’re Cherokee for fairies or wood nymphs or brownies. Maybe dryads.”
I stopped. Mama stopped praying. Daddy said, “But not a witch.”
“Not a witch,” I agreed.

Tampoco, no puedo dejar de comparar esa ingenuidad diferente en ciertos aspectos personales de Nell con el personaje de Meg de la serie de Anne Bishop en The Others. Ambas abusadas, y podria decirse que vendidas por sus familias tal vez con la mejor de las intenciones , pero que si bien en Meg fue crudo y carente de sutileza; y lo Nell es una forma que es màs apegada a las normas de su iglesia y sus tradiciones, esto de la mujer subyugada por cosas que se consideran por su propio bien, pusha que saca roncha y da rabia. Y pesa.

My own experience had similar captivity overtones, and I too had gotten away the first moment I could, yet not all my sisters wanted freedom. I said, “They might want to stay, like a caged bird not wanting to fly into the wild. Maybe they feel safer there. Maybe to them it isn’t a prison after all.” I took a sip of tea, feeling all sorts of unnamed things flowing through me. [...] Or maybe it’s just something that makes the weres believe they have to or want to stay.” Like my sister Priss. Like Esther. But not like Mud.

[....] Programming can be hardwired into a body,” I said, not looking up. “It’s something that has to be fought, day in and day out, forever. Like an addiction one hates, has defeated, yet still has to battle.”

But she is working in it, under her own terms.
She is clever.
But still lacks control.

I was both a victim of my past and a victimizer through my gift.

Y Occam, ese pobre hombre encarcelado , seria tremendamente interesante saber mucho más acerca de su pasado y como logro huir. Creo que muchas de las cosas que le dice a Nell se basan en lo que se diria o se dice a si mismo.

SPOILER---->“You’re gonna adopt that girl to keep her safe.” His mouth spread into a smile, his dimple peeking out on the side. “I’m proud of you, Nellie.”

I’m gonna kiss you until you’re gasping for breath and begging for more. Fair warning about that. But I’ll wait until you say yes. You gonna say yes, Nell?”
I was breathing too fast, my pulse tripping. But I let a small smile cross my face. “Oh yes, Occam. I’ll be saying yes. Just . . . warn me. Okay? So I don’t shoot you by accident.”
Occam laughed, a chuffing rush of sound.<----SPOILER
 Esa implicación de que ellos pueden estar juntos solamente porque ninguno es... humano, es algo que sigue picando. Creo que a ella le falta un largo rato para darle peso a todo lo que eso significa y a todos sus cambios.

Espero el proximo libro :)

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