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Reseña: The Kingdom Vol1: Anne

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The Kingdom Vol.1: Anne 


Benoît Feroumont

Kindle Edition, 50 pages
Published March 15th 2017 by Europe Comics (first published January 1st 2009)
Original Title: Anne (Le Royaume, #1)
Edition Language:English
Series:Le Royaume #1

 BLURB Once upon a time there was a peaceful kingdom where life was good. It was a little country forgotten by its powerful neighbors and their incessant wars. A lovely little piece of land where lived a great many people, and every day they enjoyed the bounties bestowed upon them by the earth and sky. Of course, there was a king, Alain and Adrien (his ugly sons who were nonetheless kind, helpful boys), a grumpy queen, Cécile (the bathroom-hogging princess), and Anne. Pretty little Anne. Anne, who sings to the rising sun; Anne, who lights up the king's nights; Anne, who speaks to the birds... Anne who opens a tavern where all these characters gather.

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Art: 3,5
Plot: 2

first thought: que fome!

Anne is the king's maid and , for some ridiculous notion she sleeps in his bed because 'she is afraid of owls at night' (??). So, logically, the queen send her away. Both insist she is not his lover. However, the king gives her instead a building to work as tavern.

In farcical style, the humor is slapstick variation, but ... fail to deliver to me (maybe is lost in translation like others reviewers observe, I don't know.)


I think the idea points to a sort of picaresque. A low class heroine, medieval setting, and some silly situations generated by some talking-birds (chaos agents?) So there is a bit of fantasy with the birds, but no other show of magic al least in this volume.

Sorrynotsorry, I'm not interested in follow into the next volume.

Ah, the singing part made think a bit of Shrek , a joke about heroines and birds working for them?

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