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Reseña: Bint: The Night Masquerade (Binti 3)

The Night Masquerade  (Binti #3)


Nnedi Okorafor

 208 pages
Published January 16th 2018 by
ISBN:0765393131 (ISBN13: 9780765393135)
Edition Language:English

 BLURB: The concluding part of the highly-acclaimed science fiction trilogy that began with Nnedi Okorafor's Hugo- and Nebula Award-winning BINTI.
Binti has returned to her home planet, believing that the violence of the Meduse has been left behind. Unfortunately, although her people are peaceful on the whole, the same cannot be said for the Khoush, who fan the flames of their
ancient rivalry with the Meduse.
Far from her village when the conflicts start, Binti hurries home, but anger and resentment has already claimed the lives of many close to her.
Once again it is up to Binti, and her intriguing new friend Mwinyi, to intervene--though the elders of her people do not entirely trust her motives--and try to prevent a war that could wipe out her people, once and for all.

Don't miss this essential concluding volume in the Binti trilogy.

My rating: 3.7

Previously: While Binti was at her father's people , the desert people, barely grasping the new knowledge delivered to her , she feel something very bad happening at the Rook , the family home.

So we deal with a overwhelmed girl, between bouts of flashbacks from the original travel to the Uni and the deaths, anxious for getting home with her family, and assaulted for all a new kind of ...language? ...mental perception? A bad trip among desert storms combating PSTD and her worst nightmares.

It's about idiosyncrasy, and it goes back to the question of what makes us human ?, and about what makes us be us and not something different. And about home and family and conecctions to other things. Oh, and maths .

And the need of change even painfully and againts our best jugment. Or not.

Only men were supposed to see the Night Masquerade and it was believed its appearance signified the approach of a big change; whether it brought change with its presence or change came afterward was never clear. The Night Masquerade was the personification of revolution. Its presence marked heroism.

And yeah, some of the big mysteries was revealed as so not cool. s 42 :P And I'll be more way more freaked out than Bindi in her shoes. Though she is starting to take in too many things stepping into Mary-Sue camp with that , speshul is not so cool you know.

Binti? you just were just the excuse for the actions of the Khoush and the Meduse.

The form it is written seems like three parts, or stories, somehow disconected. I like the way Okorafor writes Binti, I do not think of the rest because I do not know it. I can't keep reading until the end. But here is more the internal journey than a complex plot, and leaves us with several things unanswered. The same ending that leaves everything in the air for example.

Binti verse have many things to deliver yet.

And yep, Farscape fans you'll found some things familiar. 


I hope there is more.

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