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Reseña: Zojaqan: The Complete Series

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Zojaqan: The Complete Series (issues 1-6)


Jackson Lanzing

160 pages
Published June 26th 2018 by Vault Comics
ISBN:1939424313 (ISBN13: 9781939424310)
Edition Language: English

BLURB: A grieving mother wakes in a brutal but fantastic landscape, where the currents of time pull her into the future, lurching forward days, years, and millennia. Her name is Shannon Kind, and her life in our world has vanished without warning. Perhaps she can find peace in her new home. Perhaps she can shape Zojaqan into a better world. But first, she must survive.

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Art - 3.5*
Plot - 2*

Shannon esta sufriendo por la muerte de su hijo, y de un sueño cae dentro de un mundo totalmente extraña, pasando por una especie de era primitiva con unos seres larvarios y avanza por diferentes epocas sufriendo saltos en el tiempo. Esta es una fantasia violenta y mientras Shannon muestra a sus protegidos (los Zoja) sus enseñanzas, se convierte en Shan, diosa protectora y vengativa, terrible cuando todas sus dichos se convierten en ley y legado. 

Esto que es fantasia en modo pulp tambien parece ser un paso por la siquis de la protagonista como parece implicar el final. 

Mi reseña original en Goodreads:

Having as protagonist a mother suffering for the death of her son, we have this fantastic trip through the siquis? in a grieving process that tries to survive, explain, undo or amend? what happen in her life. Meanwhile we see a landscape in another dimension or place with strange creatures that evolve in a civilization influenced by her teachings seen through jumps in time.

A bit similar like What Dreams May Come , just as weird and strange, though it is more in a more pulp-fiction violent way, and it is up to the reader what the writer was talking about. And ok we agree that we influenced the world in many ways.

The art reminds me of some comics of the 70s, I like it, but I have the same complaints of others about the dark font over dark - really difficult to read.

Not my cuppa.

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