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Reseña: Dead Heat (Alpha & Omega, #4)

Dead Heat (Alpha & Omega, #4)Dead Heat by Patricia Briggs

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This book. this book...


-more than half of the book I was just-

How fortunate for the world that you are in it.” She pulled back, wiped her eyes, gave him a smile.


Charles Cormick wants to give her wife a birthday gift and goes to Arizona to buy a horse and visit an old friend. (it seems his only friend).

And horse show aside /that was way over my head - and the only blah problem with this book, nevermind that I like horses and use to ride as a wee child/

All the book was about friendship, and love, and loneliness, and pain, and death, and friendship, and family.

“Most people carry a monster within. Not just werewolves or fae, most people. That monster has nothing to do with our wolf except that the wolf makes it more dangerous. It’s a monster born of our own selfish desires and the wounds that life leaves on all of us. Whether those lives are a couple of decades or a couple of centuries long, living means that we get hurt, and some of those wounds don’t heal or they don’t heal completely.”

Siempre he preferido Mercy a Anna, pero este libro, (tal vez fue el momento en que lo leí, no lo sé) me encantó.

Me gusta a donde va la serie, aunque presenta un panorama difícil con los fae. Y al parecer con una guerra que se viene.

Y queda claro que Anna y Charles aun tienen muchas cosas que resolver. Y como nunca me ha gustado Anna aqui, que aunque sabe que aun tiene muchos problemas por delante después de lo de Chicago, muestra que la sanación es algo que no ocurre de la noche a la mañana.


<blockquote>She hid that monster from everyone because it would hurt Charles if he knew that she carried those scars still. But since she was admitting her weaknesses here, if only to herself, she also worried that it would interfere with his image of the person he thought she was. He thought she was brave and true and good, and she wasn’t. Inside, she was dark and ferocious. If he truly understood that she had this twisted and broken part, maybe he could not love her.</blockquote>


Waiting for the next book.

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