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Reseña: Spellsinger (Spellsinger #1)

Spellsinger (Spellsinger, #1)Spellsinger 


Alan Dean Foster

347 pages
first published March 1st 1983 
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

bookshelves: adventure, fantasy, anthropomorphised-animals, magia, parallel-worlds, power_singing, travel-dimensions, aprendiz-de-brujo,  satirical

Narnia meet Ted's Excellent Adventure. Sort of.

I'd make a lousy lawyer, he thought. And if I can't help thinking about power and mastery, well hell, I'm only human.
Maybe if I work real hard, he told himself, I can manage to overcome that.

I think we all know that wise turtles have a unique sense of humor and the concept of a suitable hero.
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So, when Clothahump searches the universe between clouds of cof open minded concoctions looking for a powerful magical engineer, Jonathan-Thomas Meriweather -who until then was trying to relax about his thesis smoking pot- ends in a forest in front of a giant otter dressed as Disney's Robin Hood reject ... what a bad trip.

But wait, Jon-Tom is not a wizard, not a engineer, and don't want to be there to help some crazy turtle with a indentured bat assistant to avoid a... 'great evil'.

Mudge, the scoundrel otter, is put in charge of helping him to adjust to this world with talking animals, lizard transportation, everyday magic, proud birds, thieves logias, and medieval violence.
mudge He is not happy.

The vision of Jon-Tom shifts when he discover his talen as Spellsinger (he can invoke things playing some kind of guitar and singing Earth songs)

The world is not different (furs,claws an feathers aside) from the all-human world. Prejudices and well known vices are around.

“Rare is the man, wizard, warrior, or worker, who can always think with his brains instead of his balls.

Because he don't forget the good stuff in there.

Tiene muchas alusiones al gobierno, prejuicio de clases, abundantes chistes de doble sentido, alusiones sexuales (y no olviden que la mayoria son animales), además de un dragón comunista . Lo que viene a ser bastante original en el mundo lleno de dragones acumuladores de riquezas, dejenme decirlo ;)

(note: this is not a stand alone book, ends without resolution and follow in the next book)

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