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Reseña: Disney Graphic Novels #4: Great Parodies: Mickey's Inferno

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Disney Graphic Novels #4: Great Parodies: Mickey's Inferno 


Walt Disney Company

88 pages
Published December 6th 2016 by Papercutz
ISBN;1629915920 (ISBN13: 9781629915920)
 BLURB: Imagine if you will, a satirical retelling of Dante Aligheri s Inferno starring Mickey Mouse. This is the very first of the world-famouse, er, famous Great Parodies featuring classic Disney stars in outrageous spoofs of the world s greatest stories."
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Sorry but no. I didn't like it.

Este es un comic realizado originalmente por Guido Martina en 1949, ilustrado por Angelo Bioletti, ahora reimpreso con un script de Stefan Petrucha. Un 'clásico'.

I was curious about this, but it turned out to be much rarer than expected. Maybe there iare a special circle in inferno for bad parodies after all.

We have Mickey and Goofy been targeted by a villain and thinking to be the real Dante and Virgilio, and suddenly they are sucked into the original work and traveling Cantos...
Feels like a really really weird dream with an assortment of other Disney characters.


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