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Reseña: The Lioness of Morocco

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 The Lioness of Morocco 


Julia Drosten

448 pages
Expected publication: June 1st 2017 by AmazonCrossing (first published January 3rd 2013)
Original Title: Die Löwin von Mogador
ISBN:1503941922 (ISBN13: 9781503941922)
Edition Language:English
 BLURB: Independent-minded Sibylla Spencer feels trapped in nineteenth-century London, where her strong will and progressive views have rendered her unmarriageable. Still single at twenty-three, she is treated like a child and feels stifled in her controlling father’s house.When Benjamin Hopkins, an ambitious employee of her father’s trading company, shows an interest in her, she realizes marriage is her only chance to escape. As Benjamin’s rising career whisks them both away to exotic Morocco, Sibylla is at last a citizen of the world, reveling in her newfound freedom by striking her first business deals, befriending locals…and falling in love for the first time with a charismatic and handsome Frenchman.But Benjamin’s lust for money and influence draws him into dark dealings, pulling him ever further from Sibylla and their two young sons. When he’s arrested on horrible charges, the fate of Sibylla’s family rests on her shoulders, as she must decide whether she’ll leave him to his fate or help him fight for his life

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Reto 2017 - #11:autor que use seudonimo

Sybilla es la hija de una familia de un comerciante acaudalado en Inglaterra de la segunda mitad del siglo XIX. Le gusta leer, y tiene ideas bastantes definidas que no incluyen asentarse sin ver el mundo como el resto de sus pares. Pero pronto ve que como soltera nunca dejará de ser tratada como una niña que nunca es escuchada en casa de su padre. ¿Su solución? Se casa con un empleado de su padre que ve claramente no será muy dificil , y arregla que sean enviados a Marruecos, especificamente al puerto de Mogador donde se efectua todo el comercio.

Como comentaba esto me recuerda esas miniseries de los 80s, con la historia de una familia, viajes exoticos, aderezado con un toque de romance y algo de peligro.

Entretiene. Las descripciones son interesantes., pero nunca llega a demostrar más allá de la superficie. Conflictos de la época entre gobernantes y gobiernos europeos por el control de la zona apenas son mencionados como hechos escuetos.

Remember: the worst man is he who accepts no apology, forgives no sin, and excuses no mistake.”


Sybilla is the daughter of a wealthy merchant in England in the second half of the 19th century. She likes to read, and she has quite definite ideas that do not include sitting down without seeing the world like the rest of her peers. But soon she sees that as a single maid she will never cease to be treated like a child who is never heard in her father's house. Her solution? She marries an employee of his father who sees clearly will not be very difficult to deal, and arranges for them to be sent to Morocco, specifically to the port of Mogador where the whole shipping trade takes place.

As I commented, this reminds me of those miniseries of the 80s, with the history of a family, exotic travel, seasoned with a touch of romance and something of danger.
I like the glimpse in the harem life and their women.

Entertains. Is easy feel simpathy for Sybilla. The descriptions are interesting, but never goes beyond the surface. Conflicts of the time between rulers and European governments for the control of the zone are scarcely mentioned more than facts.

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