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Reseña: Monstress #8 (single issues)

 Monstress #8 (single issues)


Marjorie M. Liu

 32 pages
Published by Image Comics (first published November 30th 2016)
Edition Language:English

BLURB: The hunt for answers takes Maika and her friends out to sea, along with a fearsome crew provided by the Arcanic pirates-turned-smugglers who are Maika’s mother’s old friend

My rating: 5 stars

I'm rounding to 5 stars, because this story is every time better . The art as outstanding as always. And the story is working to add more background to Maika, the past war, and besides... awesome shark-arcanic!.

Maika and co. are aboard a pirate vessel following Moriko steps, the Tryrian crew look like rejects from David Jones's in Pirates of Caribbean, and are not very friendly with Arcanics who look like humans (the war legacy it seems).

This is no new:

Do you remember when I was small? How I wanted to have Goddess-marks like the other Arcanic children?
I wanted a wolf tail. I wanted wolf claws and wolf teeth.
Do you remeber what you said?
Little wolf, you have those things. But they are safe within you, where no one can take them. Sometimes, my darling... it's better to hide your teeth.
Easy enought for you, mother...but hiding was never easy for me.

The fresh presence of Kippa enlight the life.

(check Old Tooth! a she-shark)

Many women in the series have a power position , like the captain (and the witches and the nobility and the ubervillains), and are not traditionaly white-ish. That's a plus.

I like the contrast of drawing between the tiger and the cat.

And the uncover of clues, and more complex stuff:

Lo de los /SPOILER/---> espias a bordo no fue muy sorpresivo, sospeche de inmediato de los monos, lo raro fue a ver a parte de la tripulacion siendo parte de los que buscan 'entrar'. Todo eso de los ojos abiertos siendo siendo bastante perturbador Y a estas alturas hasta la presencia de Kippa me empieza a ser sospechosa.
Quisiera que no hubierand dejado colgado lo de la amiga de Maika, ¿que onda con ella? ¿Amiga o enemiga?

Paranoic, and not trusting in anybody is starting to become an issue

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