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Reseña: The Sheikh's Christmas Baby (Shadid Sheikhs Series #3)

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The Sheikh's Christmas Baby 


Leslie North

126 pages
Published December 19th 2016
Edition Language:English
  BLURB: Their passionate affair ended in heartbreak when he left without warning. When he returns unexpectedly, can their heat melt away the hurt of the past?Kashif Shadid has always craved adventure. With one last chance to win the Iditarod dog sled race before assuming his role as Sheikh, he’s returned to the Alaskan wilderness to train at a legendary sled dog farm. But returning means coming face to face with Kristy Cohen, the woman who captured his attention years ago. He’s thrilled once again by her icy beauty, but her farm is facing financial ruin. Kashif’s eager to take control, however, getting her to agree with his plans may be a challenge. Kristy Cohen works hard to keep her sled dog farm afloat while raising her young daughter. Faced with declining revenues and a changing climate, Kristy’s struggling, but she’s not willing to turn her back on her business model. When Kashif Shadid shows up out of the blue pushing her to make changes, Kristy’s response is as cold as the Alaskan snow. She fell for tall, handsome Kashif once before. After four years without a word from him, she won’t be making that mistake again.

My rating: 2 of 5 stars
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In a nutshell: She wanted nothing more than to cling to him while he had four years of hurt and loneliness, but she could not.

This is what happens when you take books on impulse. I liked the cover of the book -I must admit-; and there was some nostalgia for old magazines like Bianca; But the plot is incredibly trite. And had some rare language turns: He's always been his country and his family first. (?) It even sounds strange to me.

There are several phrases that cut the impulse, it lacks fluency to the story. And ... well, I did not feel connected to the characters. It's all tremendously predictable, the two are good, there are reasons and blahblah.

Not even the dog-slege could save this.

-The salvageable: various comments about climate change in Alaska, the lack of cold in the winters and disappearance of snow, which is representing a short-term change of life.

En resumen: She wanted nothing more than to cling to him while he erased four years of hurt and loneliness, but she couldn’t.

Esto es lo que pasa cuando sacas libros por impulso. Me gustó la portada del libro debo admitirlo y hubo algo de nostalgia por viejas revistas a lo Bianca; pero la trama es increiblemente trillada. Y algunos giros idiomaticos raros: He’s always been his country and his family first. Hasta a mí me suena extraño.

Hay varias frases que cortan el impulso, le falta fluidez al relato. Y... bueno, no me sentí conectada con los personajes. Es todo tremendamente predecible, los dos son buenos, hay razones y chan.

-Lo rescatable: comentarios varios acerca del cambio climático en Alaska, la falta de frio en los inviernos y desaparición de la nieve, lo cual esta representando un cambio de vida a corto plazo.

Sigo encontrando sumamente extraño que un Sheik celebre navidad...

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