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Reseña: Cat Zero

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Cat Zero 


Jennifer L. Rohn

Expected publication: January 2nd 2018 by Biting Duck Press
Edition Language:English
 BLURB: Artie Marshall is a scientist. She is perpetually underfunded, relegated to a damp basement, and besieged on all sides by sexist colleagues. Added to that she is immersed in a messy divorce. But she’s never been happier: she recently landed her own lab, based in an eclectic think-tank housed in the leafy suburbs of North London.Artie spends her days studying an obscure cat virus that nobody else in the world seems to have heard of – or cares about. But her arcane little research problem suddenly becomes worryingly relevant as local cats start dropping dead overnight. Matters get worse when people start getting infected too.Working with her right-hand man Mark, her vet friends and her street-smart technician, Artie races to get to the bottom of the ballooning epidemic. Unexpected assistance arrives in the form of two basement-dwelling mathematicians – a sociopathic recluse and his scary, otherworldly savant mentor. When their mathematical models suggest that the cat plague might actually be more sinister than it first appears, Artie gets drawn into a web of secrets and lies that threatens to blow apart her lab family, undermine her sanity – and endanger her own life.

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

My shelves: contemporary-fiction, mystery-thriller, netgalley,  w_scientist-or-researcher
Artemis Marshall is a promising young scientist working with viruses. If talking about VSN RNA , feline leukemia (FeLV), lentivirus, genome , and lab testing is not your thing , don't bother with this book.

Decent writting. However, the book suffers from a common flaw: try to cover too many issues at once and then rush to solving the end.

Exploiting the virus thing between looking for origin, and trying to fit theories is interesting , adding the personal factor of Artie and more human interactions and dealing with personal demons works for me. But Artie (awful nickname) is too much of a beauty and inteligent and charming and... yeah, falling dangerous in MarySue field , notwithstanding her upbringing.

She is too sensitive to gender issues, and is kind of mean over female feelings to the point of annoying, but in professional fields that is hard even now.

As I said, the end is the more weak.

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