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Reseña: Dog Daze (Honey Moon 1)

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Dog Daze (Honey Moon #2)


Sofi Benitez

  240 pages
Published May 31st 2017 by Rabbit Publishers
ISBN: 1943785198 (ISBN13: 9781943785193)
Edition Language_English

BLURB: WANTING TO START A BUSINESS together to earn some spending money, Honey Moon and her friends have a magical idea. In the town where every day is Halloween night, Honey and friends start a dog–walking service called the Sleepy Hollow Howlers. But when the business becomes more than the girls can handle, dog–walking suddenly takes on a new leash and fur flies with disastrous and entertaining results.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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This is a spin-off of Harry Moon series by Mark Andrew Poe, where Honey Moon is his 10 year old sister.

Is summer in Sleepy Hollow, MA, and Honey Moon goes to the rescue of a dog under the rain. Later, the dog shelter gives her the idea of starting a dog-walking service with her friend Becky.

This is delightful adventure, Honey is a self assure girl, full of good intentions who deals with brothers and chores , friends , she is happy and have a good home (dad, mom, big and litle brother plus dog), but is eable to empathize with other people problems and try to solve them. Her motto is: “I always go where I am needed.” She understand too about responsabilities when have difficulties with the doggies, heh.

The story is funny and entertaining. Talks about friendship, and leads to talk about issues such as animals and animal shelters; as well as about other themes like other much less fortunate children in other countries and at home, about how we can make at least a small difference in the world. Isabela, the girl volunteer, put a more serious twist, and you can say that a now-a-day theme on.

-The art is nice, and have some illustrations in some pages, and in the opening of the chapters.

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