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Reseña: The Marvelous Adventures of Gwendolyn Gray

+Digital ARC gently provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review+


B.A. Williamson

 300 pages
Expected publication: May 15th 2018 by North Star Editions/Jolly Fish Press
ISBN13: 9781631631726
Edition Language: English

BLURB: Gwendolyn Gray faces an overwhelming battle every day: keeping her imagination under control. It’s a struggle for a dreamer like Gwendolyn, in a city of identical gray skyscrapers, clouds that never clear, and grown-ups who never understand.

But when her daydreams come alive and run amok in The City, the struggle to control them becomes as real as the furry creatures infesting her bedroom. Worse yet, she’s drawn the attention of the Faceless Gentlemen, who want to preserve order in The City by erasing Gwendolyn and her troublesome creations.

With the help of two explorers from another world, Gwendolyn escapes and finds herself in a land of clockwork inventions and colorful creations. Now Gwendolyn must harness her powers and, with a gang of airship pirates, stop the Faceless Gentlemen from destroying the new world she loves and the home that never wanted her—before every world becomes gray and dull.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My bookshelves: netgalley, children-protagonist, fantasy, adventure, steam-punk, dystopia, alternate-reality

Gwendolyn Gray is a twelve-year-old girl living in a gray city, under gray skies, with gray clothes and gray buildings. She doesn't want to grow up, after all the adults look all the same and didn't do anything different ... ever. But Gwendolyn has something that they don't - she has imagination.

This is a middle grade fantasy-adventure story. At the start it reminds me a bit of Momo de Ende. But later some characters invoke different imagenery like the scifi-noir-film Dark City. There are chase, and ships, and pirates, and strange and beautiful cities.


And bad men.

☀ The good :
-Fearless read-head girl with great imagination. Who fall in love with the first book she see.
-Great 'winks' to other books. I mean the crocoach?

☁ The no-so-good:
-Though she is not yet a teen girl the annoying: It's ALL MY FAULT that so many teen protagonist exhibits. Ug.
-Pushing the friendship in romance for a not yet 13 y.o. girl is not my cuppa. Thank you very much.

At the end, there still unresolved questions /SPOILER-->like The Collector? who or what it is? And the gray men? where they come from? and why? <--SPOILER/, so... will be probably a next book, Mr. Author? Seems like it.

#TheMarvelousAdventuresOfGwendolynGray #NetGalley


Editado en Enero de 2018: Mr. B.A. Williams me comentó muy gentilmente en Goodreads, que efectivamente habrá una segunda entrega de este personaje tan lleno de curiosidad e imaginación, y amante de los libros. Además afirma que es fan de Ende y su Historia Interminable. :)

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