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Reseña: Atar Gull (novela gráfica)

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Atar Gull 


Fabien Nury

94 pgs.
Published January 2016 by Europe Comics (first published October 6th 2011)
Original Title: Atar Gull ou le destin d'un esclave modèle
ISBN13: 9791032800423
Edition Language:English

BLURB; Africa, 1830. Atar Gull, a strapping young slave, finds himself on a certain Captain Benoît’s ship, on his way to the West Indies to be sold. This is no ordinary slave. He is the son of one of the great tribal kings, an athlete, a warrior. He will come at a high price, and not just in terms of money. After a long, unimaginably tough trip, Atar Gull winds up in Jamaica in the service of a plantation owner. It is with this plantation owner that his tragic destiny is entwined.

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Humanity at its worst. Adapted from a XIX century novel, while slaves were loaded from Africa to the markets. Brutal tale of greed and hypocrisy, with a harsh irony narrate the journey, the men in the traffic, and the deaths. Later, continue with the crude life in a plantation. And with Atar Gull, the slave, displaying all his vengeance without any commiseration.


The art is simple lines and soft colors; not really my cuppa.

Adaptación de la novela de Eugene Sue, una historia de esclavitud muy realista, donde un jefe africano llega en cadenas hasta Jamaica sobreviviendo un viaje infernal ( 17 vivos de 100), y donde la venganza no conoce límites.


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