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Reseña: Monstress #14 (single issue)

Monstress #14 


Marjorie M. Liu

Sana Takeda (Art)

 30 pages
Published February 21st 2018 by Image
Edition Language: English

BLURB: Maika’s careless actions endanger an entire city—elsewhere, the Mother Superior and her allies begin to plot—and Kippa receives some life-changing information.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The amazing art is back!

Maika or better said Zinn make a deal.

Complicated situation for Maika. And Zinn is giving more 'independence' , for lack of better words.

And a young fox seems to be at door of a revelation. To tell the truth, I'm starting to feel more and more suspicious of Kippa. Maybe is just me.

The Cumeans are planning something. /SPOILER--->Is like Supernatural on cracks. The mention of "seals" and "release" ... oh boy. The Shaman Empress maybe was trying to avoid some sort of invasion of the old ones aka de gods. When said: the prison is weakening, I remember the series Hunter Kiss by Liu; that opens another can.<.---SPOILER)

Maika, again, is throw in a deep bad situation.

El personaje nuevo, la mujer con cuernos, es bastante creepy. Me da ml espina.

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