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Reseña: Snoopy: Boogie Down!

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Charles M. Schulz

176 pages
Expected publication: October 16th 2018 by Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN:1449493548 (ISBN13: 9781449493547)
Edition language. English

BLURB: Good grief! The Peanuts gang is back in this new collection of comic strips!
 Is your baseball team getting beat sixty-eight to nothing? Are you caught in the rain without an umbrella? Have you finally worked up the courage to call your crush only to get the wrong number? Don't worry! The Peanuts gang has the cure for your worries. Join Linus as he awaits the Great Pumpkin, Peppermint Patty as she faces off against an entire hockey team, and Snoopy as he attempts to eat the largest sandwich he's ever seen. Sally befriends the new girl at school, Eudora, only to find a rival for the affection of her Sweet Babboo. And Charlie Brown searches for a home for Snoopy's mysterious brother, Spike. So put on your top hat, fancy tie and dancing shoes, and join Snoopy and the rest of the gang in this boogielicious new collection of classic Peanuts comics. 

My rating: 2.5/5

Soy gran fan de Snoopy, [le pusimos hasta un cocker inglés ese nombre], asi que me da mucha pena ponerle esta poca nota a un volumen de antologia de esta tira cómica allá por 1978. La verdad es que en gran parte paso sin fu ni fa.

Los personajes siguen actuando como ellos, y sin embargo, a diferencia del anterior, me dejo decepcionada. Tal vez sea la repetición de escenas del balón de futbol y Lucy, de Snoopy y de la comida. Y de Patty quedándose dormida en clases.  Tal vez sea mejor si uno los tiene en menores dosis.

Inclusive el disco Snoopy es como fome. Mejor es el video que hay del Snoopy bailando como Flashdance.

Lo mejor es Sally. Sally practicando escritura. Sally conociendo a una nueva chica , Eudora, y frustrada por ser incapaz de hacer pucheros a gusto. Sally y Linus

También Woodstock, el pajarito.

Y hasta el gato, a pesar del montón de viñetas, que es un tallador dotado, jaja.

Me da un poco de pena Spike :(


My english review at Goodreads:

Not my favorite selection of Peanuts-comics-strips. The characters are great as always, and yet this volume, unlike the previous one (I'm Not Your Sweet Babboo!), left me somewhat disappointed. Much parts were boring (sorry but sports is really not my thing); and the pile of comic strips about the cat even redundant. Maybe in smaller doses it is better - Charlie and Lucy and the ball. Snoopy and the food. Patty falling sleep.

Even Disco Snoopy is meh. Much better is Flashbeagle :)

Anyway, my favorite here is Sally. From writing , to camp, and ...


I feel you, grrl.  
Specially after the new girl stuff , shame on you, Linus! (

Also Woodstock rocks!

Btw, that cat is a clever carver :) And I'm not convinced that is not actually Schroeder's cat ...

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  1. No soy una gran fan de Snoopy, quizás porque me pilla un poco lejos. Gracias por la reseña.
    Nos leemos :=)

    1. Jaja, tal vez sea algo generacional, o bien de a quien tienen como proveedor de tv ;P Por supuesto eso es a gusto de quien quiera.
      Gracias por comentar.
      Un beso :)


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