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Reseña: The Hunter Bride

The Hunter Bride (Hope's Crossing Book 1)The Hunter Bride 


by Cynthia Woolf

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Western. Historical Fiction.

(In Read Now at Netgalley)

How can I say this? ... the book was AWFUL.

I was promised a strong, independent woman, and was delivered another woman trying to be something else, more 'womanly'. The sheriff is a macho man, who is waiting the peferct wife wo cook, sew, and wash, and had sex every time he wants. And stays safely at home and do what he says. Ugh, let me gag.

I love you, too, more than I can ever show you.”
“You just showed me in the best way possible. You gave me a son.


Silly me thinking that in that era women had to be more capable than now to be multitasking.

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