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Rseña : Touched by Alien (Kitty Katt #1)

Touched by an Alien (Katherine Touched by an Alien 


Gini Koch

Published: 2010
389 pgs.

my rating: 2,5 slimy parasites stars

Kitty Katt our average MarySue woman just exited a building when a man suffer a nasty transformation , sprout deadly wings and starting killing people. As everybody normal reaction will be (not) she jump on the guy and kill a slimy blob on him. Well, welcome to Men in Black Meet True Lies Meet Get Smart.. Then , of course, some really georgeous men dressed in Armany arrive to control the situation, and Jeff Martini (and can't you take srly a name like that!) is insta-smitten with Kitty.

“What’s wrong with him?”
“Other than the fact that he’s known you less than a day and wants to marry you? And is, from what they’ve said, an alien? Oh, gee, nothing.”

But wait, the Armani guys are aliens too?

“Alpha Centaurions,” Christopher corrected in a snippy tone.
“We call ourselves A-Cs,” Gower said quickly. “Trust me, it’s easier. And, there are several thousand of us. Not all are working as agents, of course.”

All the good-alien-guys are georgeous, but wait all the good-alien- girls are georgeous too and are the scientist, and looove smart guys and think her fellow countryman are dumb.

The kind of humor feels to me like the tv 60s. Really over the top situations with simple solutions.

The bad guy is called Mephistopheles and is a terrorist hoping to bring chaos.

So, comedy style with sex, of course, with tons of orgarms. And that she feels atracted to all those yummy men, the slut (roll eyes). Though I prefer Cristopher and not Jeff.

The religion thing feels kind of forced and trying for simpathetic.
Not sure I read the next book, despite some loose ends.

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