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Reseña: Hidden Huntress (The Malediction Trilogy #2)

Hidden Huntress (The Malediction Trilogy, #2)Hidden Huntress (The Malediction Trilogy #2)


 Danielle L. Jensen

464 pages

Published June 2nd 2015 by Angry Robot

ISBN 0857664727 (ISBN13: 9780857664723)
Edition Language English
My rating: 3,5 estrellas de 5

bookshelves: magia, trolls, fantasy, singer, witches-wizards, princess-and-or-prince, nobility, reyes-y-reinas, fae-or-fey-or-faery, teen-protagonist, w_opera-singer

El receso pareció servir, porque terminó gustandome despues de un par de meses. Aunque debo decir que ya veia hace rato por donde iba el famoso 'misterio', se veia a leguas.

The action continue after Cecile is out of Trollus and performing at the opera.

 The first part was kind of boring (see the big gap of months to pick up again the book), and I prefer Tristan trying to disantangle the net of lies and villains and supervillains in Trollus. There are many painful deaths. And Tristan had to change fast.

I walked in a circle around the four boards, examining my father’s pieces instead of my own. Familiar and expected faces graced the players; expected at least, until I encountered my own. In onyx, I was still a prince, but the piece sat on a square rimmed with steel, which meant that it was not lost, but unplayable. There were several other pieces set up in a strategy to free it, but they were still many moves away from their goal. Leaning closer, I saw tiny grooves on the black prince’s brow where a crown had once sat. -Tristan.

Meanwhile, Cecile is most of the time acting like a headless chicken bumbling around, and the supporting characters are the best. Among all the clock is ticking for the time of make a decition (well, not really) of releasing or not the trolls.
Is frustrating that Cecile never take the time to hear all the story from her brother. I feel like throwing something to her to start to think before acting and wise up. The clues are all over the place. Gah.

In another hand, Chris changes are staggering, like too much from hate to 'oh, it's ok to help them'.

(Tristan:)“Trolls don’t like to be in anyone’s debt,” I told him. “So if it isn’t gold, it’s something else. Name it.”
He shrugged.
“Teacakes?” I suggested.
He scowled.
“I’ve never met anyone as annoying as you.”
I smiled and batted my eyelashes at him. “Kisses?”
Chris scooped up the coins and shoved them in his pocket. “Gold will be fine.”


The ending is a cliff hanger, and it reminds me some famous tv serie.

I'm waiting for the next book.

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