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Reseña: Unappreciated Gifts (Alpha y Omega #3.5)

Este comentario es de Unappreciated Gifts (Alpha y Omega #3.5) de Patricia Briggs contenido en este volumen.

A Fantastic Holiday Season: The Gift of StoriesA Fantastic Holiday Season: The Gift of Stories
 Kevin J. Anderson

Published October 9th 2014 by Smashwords Edition (first published July 28th 2014) 
ISBN13 9781614752011

4 silly wolfy stars.

Unappreciated Gifts by Patricia Briggs
 Some members of Adam's pack think Asil should get out more, so they've challenged him to accept a series of blind dates . . .
  (uno tan sólo se pregunta quién es capaz de querer embromar al temible Moor...)

Todo comienza con un e-mail, y puede decirse que con un reto a enfrentar 5 citas a ciegas (hechas en sitios de citas en linea) con unas pequeñas especificaciones.

A successful date is one in which a) neither party runs screaming into the night b) there are no dead bodies at the end of it and c) lasts longer than two hours—at least an hour and a half of which is spent with your date—which is an hour and fifty minutes longer than we expect any date of yours to last.

life ruff dog 48

He approved of the photo. If he had to have a photo posted on a website called biteme, he supposed that it was good to have one in which it was possible to discern just how handsome he was.

Asil no tomandose en serio y demostrando su lado vanidoso, es genial y divertido.

Beside him, Kelly straightened a little. “She did throw herself in front of the bus, didn’t she? Even if the bus was already stopped.”
“I am not a bus,” murmured Asil as someone stepped up to a microphone and chatted some canned welcome speech. “A chariot. A Porsche. But not a bus.”
“See,” said Kelly to no one Asil could discern. “He’s funny.”

Y ni hablar del TANGO. porque Asil+Tango=donde compro los boletos.

Pero es demasiado corto, y te quedan ganas de saber como le va con las otras citas.

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