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Reseña: Rat Queens: Demons . Vol. 3 (collected #11-15)


Rat Queens (Collected Editions #11-15)


Collects RAT QUEENS #11-15
Paperback, 160 pages
Published April 13th 2016 by Image Comics
ISBN:1632157357 (ISBN13: 9781632157355)
Edition Language: English
 Having survived the end of the world, the Queens follow Hannah back to where it all began: Mage University. A long perilous journey awaits the Rat Queens as they attempt to find out what happened to Hannah's father while battling their own demons.

2.5 stars

My bookshelves: Bloody and gory, Fantasy, Graphic Novel, Mercenaries and aventurers.

The art

With all respect for the current artist (and apart the reasons to the absence of the former), I liked more the original art. #SorryNotSorry. I got hooked by the first issue, so the transition is not smooth.

The plot

Hannah's father, Gerard, is taken captive by the council of Mage U for attempting a coup. Then she is all angsty, 'couse boohoo she was lonely there, and then ends in cliffhanger.


Sorry, Hannah, but what happen to you? Where is the snark and sass? Where is Sawyer?
All the characters are like a washup versions of themselves.

Like the result of the promising invitation of Hannah sort of dessapointment...

In another note, I like the bonus/special to Braga past.

And didn't expect that certainly. Good for her.


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