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Reseña: The Monarch of the Glen (American Gods #1.5)

The Monarch of the Glen (American Gods #1.5)


Neil Gaiman

62 pages
Published (first published 2006)
Original Title:The Monarch of the Glen, an American Gods Novella
Edition Language:English
Series:American Gods #1.5, 

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Bookshelves,fantasia-urbana, here-be-monsters, myth-and-legends, novella

"I’m not a monster,” said Shadow.
“Aye, that’s what monsters always say,” said the little man.

Set about two years after American Gods.
Shadow is just traveling backpacking, knowing places, drifting I say. And in this story ends in the north coast of Scotland when some guy offer him a job as a bouncer for the weekend in some private party.

Well, I'm aware that Gaiman is hit or miss for many. This story , to me, despite the no so big surprises in the run, is really good. Manage to evoke that sensation of timelessness, to blur , relax , the bounds between realities. I mean, when you step in some old places is easy to wonder, to imagine, to awe.
You want to believe him.

He [...] imagined time as something that pooled and puddled, wondered if there were places where time hung heavy, places where it was heaped and held—cities, he thought, must be filled with time: all the places where people congregated, where they came and brought time with them.
And if that were true, Shadow mused, then there could be other places, where the people were thin on the ground, and the land waited, bitter and granite, and a thousand years was an eyeblink to the hills—a scudding of clouds, a wavering of rushes, and nothing more, in the places where time was as thin on the ground as the people . . .

And then are all the currents and undercurrents, the hints , the irony ... and though Shadow should have to knew better, it feels like he is still trying to find his place , stumbling in the twilight.

Si yo fuera Sombra, me daria yuyu eso de los trabajitos que le ofrecen. Aunque quizas ya esta aburrido de pasar sin estar metido en lios, quien sabe.

--->Me dejó intrigada lo del barco de los muertos -Naglfar- ¿esta implicando que Shadow tiene un rol que jugar en Ragnarock? Oo' Y que fuerte lo que le dice la Jennie(tu no eres humano)

Todavia no entiendo que tiene que ver el retrato homonimo del Moncarca de Glen, el ciervo con Shadow. ¿Es la bestia blanca? ¿es la presa?

Lo que queda claro es que los monstruos humanas son más terribles que cualquier leyenda de la imaginación.

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