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Reseña: Inferno (The Campbells #1)

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Inferno (The Campbells #1)


José Luis Munuera

62 pages
Published May 17th 2017 by Europe Comics (first published January 1st 2014)
Original Title  Inferno
ISBN13   9791032803295
Edition Language English

 BLURB: After his wife’s brutal murder, Campbell, a pirate legend, gave up his life on the open seas to raise his two young daughters in peace. But, inevitably, his past eventually catches up with him in the form of Carapepino, a pretentious but clumsy pirate, desperately trying to win favour with the infamous Inferno. For his own sinister reasons, Inferno wants more than anything to get rid of Campbell and his offspring, once and for all. But Campbell and Inferno are bound to each other in ways that those around them would never have guessed…

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Campbell is a widower raising two daughters in the middle of scenary of pirates, battles, sharks, islands, corsaries and memories of a lost mother.

Adventure for all ages. Narrated in short episodes is really a delightful reading.

The eldest daughter love to read and her vocabulary is extense, the youngest is full of mischief , and live to tease her sister. Dad is doing rather well with ingenuity in a dangerous time, but is haunted by memories. There is also a gallery of colorful characters.

The bad thing... where is the next volumen? I want to know what happen next and the rest of the story.

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