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Reseñ: The Shadow Queen (Black Jewels 7)

The Shadow Queen (Black Jewels 7)


Anne Bishop

429 pages
(first published January 1st 2009)
ISBN: 0451462548 (ISBN13: 9780451462541)
Edition Language:English
Series:The Black Jewels #7

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

bookshelves: re-lectura, fantasy, dark-fantasy, adult-mature, beware-of-the-queen, alpha-males, plain-heroine, second-chances, magia, warriors, psychic-powers, mental-issues, warlords

2009: 2 stars
2011: 3 stars
2018: 4 stars - Made me cry. I'm getting attached with this one.

Mucho PSTD en este libro.

The Shadow Queen is part of the Black Jewels 'verse. Two years after the cleansing storm to get rid of the wicked witches er the bad Blood: bad queens and badder priestess, Terreille is almost in ruins. The population were wipe out for the aformenthioned and the posterior war between Blood and landens (not magical jeweled people) sick of the abuses. Now, Theran Greyhaven of Dena Nehele, the last survival Warlord Prince of his house , saved by many others as last hope, get the idea of bring back a new Queen of the Old Ways to rule and prosper again.

Meanwhile, Cassidy is a Rose Jewel Queen. Not beautiful, not very strong in Craft. (No. I mean it, is not a 'she is not pretty nor powerful but...'; she really isn't. Imagine that!!) And she is without a court b/c ... reasons. She is really insecure, and don't trust very much in herself because of that. Guess who Witch is sending.

This is a SECOND CHANCE kind of plot. And how you could use or not.

Oh, and Theran? she is total moron, and a jerk. And I really really mean it. Thank the Lady he is notthe main interest. +

“All women may look the same in the dark, but all men don’t feel the same. In fact, a woman will find out more about a man’s true nature in the dark than she’ll ever see in the light of day.”

Gray, the cousin, is a damaged young man. He was tortured when was captured thinking he was Theran. And again, with damaged I talking about the kind of traumatized and stuck-as-kid-mentality here.
And oh, Cassie and Gray made cry

He woke up with his heart pounding, on the verge of tears. He wanted to wear that coat. Had been born to wear that coat. But he didn’t know how to change to make it fit.

, and Saetan too made cry.

Is all about war and abuse and vengance and fall into darkness of soul and mind, damaged people, scars -more mental than physicals, rape, and... well this is dark fantasy. But only is mentioned in case you are wondering. Also there is a lot of sex talking, specially of the Janelle/Daemon variety. And gardening.

Despair and disappointment all around. But a promise of a treasure and maybe Dena Nehele coul be saved. If some people can really see beyond.

I like it.

The next book, Shalador Lady is the second part of this book, but it did not end in cliffhanger.

Lucivar is still my favorite:

The Eyrien took a step closer. “The first law is not obedience. The first law is to honor, cherish, and protect. The second is to serve. The third is to obey.”
“But if you don’t obey, you get punished.”
The Eyrien studied him. “Everything has a price. You take a chance of being punished, even killed, for challenging a Queen even if you’re doing it to protect her, but you accept that risk and do what you should. If the Queen is truly worthy of your loyalty, she’ll understand the reason for the challenge and back down. Doesn’t mean she’ll like it or be happy with the man, but she’ll back down.”

ok, have to read the book to understand :P

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