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Reseña: Thorn and Fangs (Thorn and Fangs #1)

 +Digital copy gently provided by editors via Netgalley. My thoughts are all mine+

Thorns and Fangs 


Gillian St. Kevern

 372 pages
Published January 18th 2016 by NineStar Press
Edition Language:English

My rating: 3.5 not exactly garden variety stars

bookshelves:  adult-mature, insta-lust-or-luv, m-m, magia, mxm-romance-paranormal, mystery-thriller, necromancy, netgalley-arcs, not-sure-but-not-human, tstl-protagonist, vampiros, w_male-prostitute

first idea: get better after the start.

Nathan works as escort at a club in New Camden. No sad stories, or urgent pression to be prostitute btw. Country boy, still is fascinated by the supernatural life of the city; likes the dance , the thrill of be wanted. When Hunter hired Nate for a private party as a'shared gift'(in case you're wondering it was m-m-m-m), he accepts despite his inner warnings and the feel that something is not right when he is not able to follow his second thoughts or even can't leave when realise that is a house of vampires ... That really made me struggle to keep reading the book at the start because vampiric compulsion rises here it ugly head (not pun intended), and that is NOT sexy. It's evident when the manager accepts regardless of it's against the politics of the club.

Anyway, Nate now keep thinking in Ben , the honoured, a younger vampire. There is even a joke of Aki, his best friend, about Twilight (and yeah broody tortured dead vampire and young obsessed uh escort. Totally ;P).

BUT then this story take a curve into THRILLER territory. 

There are murders in the city, inclusive one Nate-look-alike, necromancer is implied; thought despite the healthy paranoia in this case, Nate keep trying to help Ben and worried about him. A special-unit-Seven cop, Gunn, interrogated Nate about the murders and advice to keep away from the vampires. Meanwhile his boss is mad with him, his friend worried, and his brother counsel to keep the spider fern close to the window (?)

The writting is pretty decent. The paranormal world is presented in city politics, 'mafia vamps', mentions of werewolfes. witchcraft, and demons in casual though warning tone.

Nate is your average TSTL protagonist -the sexy buff escort with gold heart type- whom goes out of his way to help strangers and all the time is more worried about poor Ben than of his own life and safety. Even the vampires in his way try to keep Nate away, but ... :sigh: {SPOILER--->I confess that I feel really suspicious of Aki, and I was really mad with Nate when he talks about his twin brother becaause could put him in danger<---SPOILER} Nate insistence that he is only your average human, a not very studious one, is repeated over and overbut then... that is part of the story. I feel that will spoiler the most interesting part but think  {SPOILER-->Nell Ingram is not alone!! <--SPOILER}

-For those worried about the menage-thing it was only in the party.

-But srly, still baffled about the spider fern... wha¿?
-I love the oak et al :D
-Also 'daddy vamp' sucks.
-Gunn is a deceptive badass.
-Using werewolves as hounds is so Anita Blake ;)
-Please Nate, self-preservation is sexy too.

I will like to read the next one in this series.

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