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Reseña: Where Would You Be Now? (The Coast Road 0.5)

Where Would You Be Now?Where Would You Be Now? (The Coast Road 0.5)


Carrie Vaughn

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

¡Donde estarias ahora? Se preguntan entre si los sobrevivientes en una clinica donde el hambre es el dia a dia, y se plantean seriamente el controlar la poblaación. ¿en la universidad? de vacaciones? ¿con tu novio, tu perro, tus padres, comiendo helado o bailando en una disco? ... ¿Esto pasará o solamente va a empeorar?

Short dystopian piece about life in America after a post-disaster, day-a-day reality with problems with famine and worry about armed gangs, like many other tons of dystopia show. Still... I'd like to know more, is too short.

A clinic still working with doctors and nurses trying to help and survive, worried about fed their members and colaborators. Still uncertain about the world or if this it.

This keep remind me of another story, and yes is similar to Amaryllis ---Amaryllis and Other Stories

This is a prequel to Bannerless. Could be read online here. 


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