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Reseña: Monstress #13 (single issue)

Monstress #13


Marjorie M. Liu

Sana Takeda (Art)

38 pages
Published January 24th 2018 by Image
ASIN: B076J1Z7B8
Edition Language: English
BLURB: Hugo Award-winning MONSTRESS returns with a new arc and an oversized issue! Maika has spent most of her life learning how to fight, but how will she fare when the only way to save her life…is to make friends?

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Shhh... me think the Cumaean forces managed to kidnap our dearest Sana Takeda because ... I found some of the art wanting!! :wails: Some panels seems really like drawn by another person! :in denial: I'm baffled, people. I don't know if is some kind of experiment but no, just no.

This is the new arc of one of my favorite fantasy series in graphic format. After the revelations of the last volume, I was expecting some hints about Maika's progenitor - silly me. 

Well, Maika arrives to some new location -a refugee camp near Pontus, and spies descend upon the little group. Family, friends/frenemies(?) and enemies, all look now for Zinn her and apparently know more about her than Maika herself.


The situation with Tuya is sorpresive. At least for me . It was a dream ? or memory?

The blood queens are not amused, and I expect to see Mother Superior in a short time.

The intrigue continues.

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