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Reseña: Minotaur in Stone

Minotaur in Stone 
Marjorie M. Liu

 55 pages
Published February 11th 2015 by Marjorie M. Liu
Edition Language:English

BLURB: A labyrinth of a library. Watchful eyes in the dark. And a woman with nowhere – and nobody – to call home. In MINOTAUR IN STONE, Marjorie M. Liu transports her heroine into the arms of the tragically cursed Minotaur. After millennia of being trapped by an ancient king, the Minotaur has given up hope of escaping the dark labyrinth that imprisons him. When he feels a connection with the woman he watches every night, however, and she returns his feelings after being summoned to his home, he realizes that she may be the champion he needs, and she realizes that she may be falling in love with the man beneath the monster.

My rating: 3,3 stars

My bookshelves: novelette-short, adult-mature, fantasy-paranormal, myth-and-legends

Adult fantasy. A modern take in the Minotaur myth. A young woman living in the fringe , secluded in a library, is conduced in dreams into a dark labyrinth with a not possible man. Both are lost in dark, lonely and with nothing to lose.

[...] to live as an uninvited guest, quiet as a book—and as a book, a dull creature on the surface, but full of the raging wild dark inside the words of my heart.

The start is better than the ending, as far as the way in which the author interweaves the words.

Creo que buena parte de esta idea del laberinto se ve después en su serie Hunter Kiss - The Iron Hunt, que por cierto la recomiendo.

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