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Reseña: New Hand

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New Hand 


L.A. Witt


399 pages
Published by Riptide Publishing  December 18th 2017
Edition Language:English
Series:Bluewater Bay #23

Blurb: Months after his husband’s death, Garrett Blaine desperately needs a fresh start. He sells his house in Seattle, leaves his accounting job, and starts bartending in Bluewater Bay. There he meets a man who wakes up his nearly forgotten libido. Jesse Connelly’s friend with benefits bolted after Jesse disclosed his HIV status. Stood up and stinging, Jesse tries to drown his sorrows . . . and finds an unexpected connection with a lonely bartender.

My rating: 3.5

Garrett is a 42 years old grieving widow who lost his husband and decide to change to a new scenario, town and job, faraway from memories. Jesse is a 26 years old HIV-positive who understand that life not always send the best in your direction but better keep hoping for it.

In case you are wondering, it is not an angst-fest. I clarify it, because I characterize myself by fleeing from that. That is not my idea of what to look for in a reading for entertainment. However always have baffled me when in the media people try to calm down others from crying or in despair or after that when they try to tell people how to feel under some dire circunstances. People are not rational under the best of times, so it seems ridiculous to try to put them into nice wrappings when they are at their worst.

On the other hand, there is a lot of reflection about mourning. And, for the ignorant like me, what it is to live today with a disease like AIDS, or rather being seropositive. Which, considering the tremendous increase in AIDS in my country is not without concern.

All this spiced up with a thematic town - which is here compared to Forks - that revolves around books of werewolves and related subjects, and the production of a series based on them; and where our protagonist works in a comic shop, with all that that implies.


Yep, all the above.

And also , of course

There are cheesy moments, and sad, and goofing, and yeah a lot of fluff in between /SPOILER--->in the convention - all the walkings in stands, and shopping and playing? <---SPOILER/. And I have to say that in the place of the sister /SPOILER--->, I mean Sean's sister, probably I'll would say the same things, really piss with the person who dare to moving on , that's human feelings and sisterly and I can relate<---SPOILER/.


[...] but as cruel as the world could be, it wasn’t that cruel. There was more. When one chapter ended, there was heartache and emptiness, but it wasn’t the end of happiness either.


*Despite being part of a series this works as a stand-alone book.

*Reto 5: with at least 2 people in the cover.

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