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Reseña de historias cortas: Metal Like Blood in the Dark. Juvenilia. Anchorage. The City of the Tree. In the Space of Twelve Minutes.

Uncanny Magazine Issue 36: September/October 2020

by Lynne M. Thomas (editora). Varios autores.

Edition Language: English

 Estas revistas tienen una editorial, relatos y podcasts, además de entrevistas de autores. Por lo gra. leo una o dos hiostorias cortas de autores conocidos o que mis amigos recomiendan.

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

-"Metal Like Blood in the Dark" by T. Kingfisher - 3.5 stars sci-fi.
An isolated inventor built two machines on a planet: Brother and Sister. Nanite AIs that later are released to eat and grow. Sister is the main character and her awakening to moral dilemmas.

Or a coming of age of Gretel to save Hansel ;)


-"Juvenilia" by Lavie Tidhar - 2 stars. Fantasy.
Meh. going for a gothic tale furbling on metatale. After ww1, a woman took a job as caretaker at Wildfell Hall>; an isolated place and strange rules.

-"Anchorage" by Samantha Mills - 3.5 stars
Space opera scifi short story about a ship, it crew, and Geneve , with a background of internal battles and losing Earth, and an encounter with an Anchorage, a sort of space eremite. Had some twist in it.

-"The City of the Tree" by Marie Brennan -4 stars. Fantasy.
wow, another unknown author. I really like the style of the story, about clans of people of the trees, and invaders, traditions, and bringing help, and choices. Reminds me a bit to Martha Wells in Raksura.

Simkitsi gave him a pitying look. “The rituals were meant to placate the archon, to keep him asleep. They won’t do any good now that he is gone.”
“Do we know that?” Aptachi challenged her. “We only know that he woke after the rituals stopped. Maybe their purpose was to strengthen the tree, and he woke because it began to weaken.”


-"In The Space of Twelve Minutes" by James Yu - 2.8 stars Scifi
chinese astronauts are hindered by personal problems, so they gave them artificial androids avatars to the spouses. Mmm, a bit awkward idea, and a lot predictable.

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